I am a registered Sport and Exercise Nutritionist (MSc, SENr, ISAK, UKAD) with a passion for helping people achieve their goals through nutrition. I work with a wide range of clients with a spectrum of goals, from casual gym-goers wanting to increase muscle mass to young athletes and elite level professionals trying to elevate their games. So… if you’re looking to improve your health, feel more energised, sleep better, improve performance or simply learn about nutrition… I’m your guy!!

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About me:

I am a performance nutritionist and ex-professional basketball player from the U.K. (Currently living in “The Land of the Free”). After playing in a number of different countries and working with professional athletes and teams along the way, I am now a performance nutritionist at the University of Georgia. THE BORING STUFF >> I have a BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Science and an MSc Sport and Exercise Nutrition (accredited and registered by the SENr and British Dietetics Association), with ISAK level 1 body composition and UK anti-doping qualifications. I have experience working with academy, university/college and professional athletes in a number of sports such as Baseball, Volleyball, Golf, Rugby, Football, Basketball, Athletics and Tennis. I also have experience working with sedentary clients, recreational athletes and those who simply want to be healthier!

My Mission:

When starting On Demand Nutrition it was important to me that my service would be time-efficient, expert level and highly individualised. Therefore, On Demand Nutrition is ran completely remotely, through the use of email, video chat and telephone. This allows maximum flexibility for my athletes, competitive pricing, and access to elite nutrition support at the click of a button. . . any time, any place. No more travelling to meetings, no more waiting rooms, no more wasted time!!

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“Being an athlete as well as having a full-time job can make nutrition hard to stay on top by yourself. After working with On Demand Nutrition, I’ve dropped 13 pounds in under a month and I feel lighter, faster and stronger than I’ve been in a long time! My energy levels are great, and nutrition is one less thing for me to worry about on a daily basis. Everything is planned out perfectly. The choice of meals is great, the recipes are exciting and I don’t feel like I’m eating the same things over and over. I’ve learned about my energy demands, sports nutrition principles, and how both of these may link to my goals!”

Client Testimonial: Clayfell Harris (Pro Basketball)

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